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I strive to help people become better versions of themselves

TEDx speaker, Sales Executive, Technology Evangelist

As a challenge-driven individual, I have always been looking for situations where I could find growth.

I have spent most of my career in fast-pace environments and looked for every opportunity to stand in front of a crowd and tell a story. I have found it both challenging and rewarding, whether at work or in competitive sport events.

Be it at a TEDx event, a small or large conference or even a wedding toast, I have enjoyed sharing ideas and interacting with the crowd.

Through this program, I am looking to share my passion and experience of public speaking with individuals willing to express their inner storyteller. We will do this through 1:1 or group coaching sessions, leveraging soft skills, science and video feedbacks.


I stand by: “Never ever give up. It’s not over until it’s over!”

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Together, we can bring the storyteller inside you to life.

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