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1:1 Coaching


Learn in a private session the techniques that will help you better connect with, inspire and lead an audience.

Face-to-Face Coaching

This tailored program will help you manage fear of public speaking and learn the techniques that will allow you to become a stronger presenter.

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Group Coaching


Public speaking and presentation skills group training that will allow you to learn about, practice and master the art of storytelling.

Group Coaching

This workshop is opened to anyone who has the will to learn and grow his presentation skills to deliver speeches in front of small and large audiences.

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Executive Coaching


1:1 coaching with a strong focus on presentation and negotiation skills, time management along with social selling.

Executive Coaching

This tailored program will help executives to develop soft skills in the area of storytelling, presentations as well as time management and negotiation skills.

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— About Me

Hi, nice to meet you!

I strive to help people become better versions of themselves

TEDx speaker, Sales Executive, Technology Evangelist

As a challenge-driven individual, I have always been looking for situations where I could find growth.

I have spent most of my career in fast-pace environments and looked for every opportunity to stand in front of a crowd and tell a story. I have found it both challenging and rewarding, whether at work or in competitive sport events.

Be it at a TEDx event, a small or large conference or even a wedding toast, I have enjoyed sharing ideas and interacting with the crowd.

Years of

Results I have helped create

Hear out what my clients say about me.
"Getting out of a long-established mindset and progressing on oneself is a complex and challenging path. Walking down that road with an empathic and truly caring person makes it so much simpler. I’ve grown faster than I’d imagine, humanizing my relationships while creating true connections."
Loris Impinna
Sales Consultant, Cisco
"Bremtane guided me to better understand my career options. He helped me to discover what I am good at and what the areas for improvement were. Bremtane is an experienced and intelligent coach and I am grateful for all of the support I have received during my transition period."
Anzhelika Dychek
Senior Analyst, Mastercard
"After several years of coaching with Bremtane, I gained more confidence in my public speaking presentations, focusing more on my delivery structure and messaging. His highly constructed feedback along with the corporate culture as well as leadership skills really helped me redefined myself as a better version."
Alexis Gastaldello
CyberSecurity Consultant, Cisco
"Listening, introspecting and sharing. Three strong skills that Bremtane embodies and that significantly helped in developing my strengths and use them further towards my objectives."
Cindy Delvallee
Account Executive, Cisco
Tanoh Assouan
"Through this coaching, Bremtane helped me deliver stronger presentations about my startup. Today, it is with enjoyment, ease and assurance that I can deliver a powerful message to investors."
Tanoh Assouan
Sales Agent
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This is about transformation and it is a journey. You will become a stronger presenter and there is no end to how far we can grow your potential.

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